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Arnerich Massena's I AM Learning Partnership

Since Arnerich Massena's inception, we have held as a core value the integration of a strong community service element into our corporate culture. The firm's founders determined that a definitive way to add value to our community is through supporting the education and development of its future citizens. In 1995, Arnerich Massena began partnering with a local elementary school, and over the last 20 years, our I AM Learning Partnership has grown and evolved into what it is today - a robust series of educational and mentorship programs to help underperforming K-8 students meet state benchmarks in literacy and math. Since the program's inception, we have assisted more than 4,000 students develop academic and social skills.

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Spotlight: Christine Arnerich

One of Arnerich Massena's founders, Christine Arnerich serves as the "keeper of our culture." As a firm, we are dedicated to doing well and doing good, and community service has always been a pillar of our culture. Christine currently serves as executive administrator of community service for Arnerich Massena's I AM Learning Partnership, which is dedicated to developing an educational and enrichment program that serves as a model for business in partnership with community. Christine's tireless efforts and devotion ensure that Arnerich Massena continues to make the most valuable investment we can make for the future of our community: educating our children. Christine is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, is a principal of the firm, and also serves on the firm's Executive Leadership Team.