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Company History

Arnerich Massena was founded in 1991 as a Portland, Oregon-based independent investment advisory firm. The vision was to establish an independent and unbiased investment firm with a dedicated focus on quality research and client service.

Since the beginning, we made it our mission to develop investment strategies with a forward-looking approach, thoughtfulness, creativity, and passion. We work to deliver portfolios and retirement plan structures that reflect world-class research and disciplined thinking.

Over our history, Arnerich Massena has been a pioneer in the investment industry, bringing innovation and a forward-looking approach to portfolio construction to our private clients, foundations, and endowments. Since 1991, Arnerich Massena has built and successfully implemented alternative investment strategies. In 1995, we began positioning portfolios to capture the global market opportunity. Arnerich Massena was a frontrunner in establishing a multi-asset class funding strategy focused on sustainable investment themes and an early adopter of frontier market investing. We continue to bring vision and thought leadership to our clients as we move forward in a constantly evolving investment landscape.

Since our inception, Arnerich Massena has also worked with retirement plan committees to structure and manage best-in-class retirement plans, acting as partner to plan sponsors to create retirement security for their participants. As co-fiduciaries, we help our clients meet the high standards of care imposed on fiduciaries. Since 1995, Arnerich Massena has provided award-winning participant education services.

Community outreach has been a fundamental component of Arnerich Massena's corporate philosophy and vision from the start. In 1995, we partnered with a local elementary school to provide literacy and enrichment programs for students. Now the award-winning I AM Learning Partnership, this program exemplifies the potential of business in partnership with community.

In January 2017, Arnerich Massena transitioned to a 100% employee-owned structure via a management buyout that was the culmination of years of succession planning. A group of 12 senior employees, including co-founder and long-term CEO Tony Arnerich, share equity ownership of the firm. This structure carries forth the company’s legacy and ensures that the firm will continue to serve clients with independence, integrity, passion, and innovation well into the future.

Arnerich Massena's growth over the past two and a half decades is a testament to our success in serving our clients. We remain committed to our founding ideals of superior quality, innovation, integrity, and personal client service. Clients come to us for expert portfolio management, access to renowned investment manager research, and a thoughtful and thorough approach to investment strategy. Retirement plan clients seek us out for our unbiased vendor searches, ability to negotiate with plan recordkeepers, participant and fiduciary education, and keen understanding of fiduciary best practices. Clients stay because they trust our personal and friendly service, dedication to their investment goals, and integrity.