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Investment Philosophy

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Investment Philosophy
Our investment philosophy is simple: we believe in listening and learning about our clients first, then applying that understanding toward building a working investment plan. We believe that each client's portfolio should be tailored to the client's unique situation and goals.

We build custom investment strategies based on the following principles:

Look forward.
We are passionate about investing and engage all of our professionals in collaborative thought. Our job is to stay ahead of trends and uncover opportunities and risks before they become market phenomena.

Focus primarily on the long term to allow investment opportunities time to grow.
We believe a disciplined, long-term investment strategy is the best way to capture the market's potential. But investments rarely grow in a straight line; short-term fluctuations often provide opportunities to rebalance and generate excess return.

Analytical research and disciplined due diligence are central to our practice.
We search for top-tier investment managers around the globe. We maintain deep knowledge on investment managers with thorough due diligence, a critical part of which is on-site visits to conduct qualitative evaluations. We seek managers whose interests are aligned with those of their investors, creating a strong performance incentive.

Capital preservation is essential.
To support both short-term spending and long-term growth objectives, a long-term investment strategy should include allocations across a number of low-correlated asset classes, including alternative investments where appropriate.

Take a global perspective.
We set aside the tendency for home bias and build portfolios that reflect the global marketplace.

New investment strategies and opportunities are continually created.
We seek out innovative investment themes and pursue tactical allocation tilts to take advantage of market-driven opportunities.

Active management can add meaningful value.
We believe both active and passive investment management play an important role in portfolio construction. Active management, executed thoughtfully and with discipline, can provide meaningful long-term performance premium. We pursue actively managed strategies in all asset classes.

Alternative investments are valuable tools.
Alternative investments, such as hedge funds, private equity, and private real estate, can help investors meet their return goals and manage portfolio risk. Alternative investments can dampen volatility, accelerate return and improve portfolio diversification.

Make an impact.
Today, many investors are looking to make a positive impact on the world through their investments. We provide the investment tools for those who seek to make a difference.