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We Interrupt this Random Walk…

The “random walk” is a theory postulating that stock prices evolve randomly and cannot be predicted. A Random Walk Down Wall Street, by Princeton economics professor Burton G. Malkiel, made the theory famous by suggesting that a coin flip would be as accurate as most stock picking strategies.

On August 25th, investors cheered as the S&P 500 Index rallied and touched 2,000 for the first time, pushing stocks’ year-to-date return up toward 9%.

But then, for the next seven trading days, something very unusual happened. Read more »

Are Inherited IRA Assets Safe?

Heidi Heffron-Clark became the beneficiary of an inherited IRA when her mother passed away in 2001. Almost ten years later, Ms. Heffron-Clark filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She argued that the inherited IRA funds should be exempt from her creditors because they were “retirement funds.” Read more »