Monthly Archives: August 2015

Proposed DOL Fiduciary Rule Still Moving Forward

In April, the Department of Labor proposed a new rule to reduce conflicts of interest among retirement plan advice providers. The new rule would expand the definition of fiduciary and change the compensation exemptions, with both changes aimed at making sure that retirement plan investment professionals are providing advice based solely on their clients’ best interests.

More than 330,000 comments on the rule have been submitted, a testament to the significance of the changes the rule proposes. Read more »

What Accelerating Innovation Means to Investors

In the field of investing, a great deal of thinking has historically been based on the idea that markets naturally mean-revert to “normal” levels. For example, when commodity prices are high, we expect new supplies will be brought on line to bring prices down. And when stock prices are low, we expect new buyers will enter the market and drive prices up. In this mean-reverting paradigm, investors expect the future to be largely a product of the past. Read more »