Monthly Archives: December 2016

Arnerich Massena Brings Giving Tree Gifts to Irvington Families

The Christmas tree in Arnerich Massena’s office had presents pouring out around it, but just for a short time; the multitude of packages was delivered to 18 families with 39 children in the Irvington neighborhood. This year’s Giving Tree brought necessities and a little joy to children who needed it this year. The winter weather postponed delivery temporarily, but the gifts have now made their way to their designated recipients. Read more »

The Library Foundation Offers Inspiration

Educating our children is a tremendously valuable investment we can make in the future of our community, our country, and our planet.

Most of our clients know about Arnerich Massena’s successful I AM Learning Partnership, but additionally, for more than 15 years, we have worked with The Library Foundation, an impressive local non-profit that helps Multnomah County Library create innovative literacy and learning programs that reach thousands of at-risk children across our community, including kids at Irvington School. Read more »

Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership Partners with Oregon Children’s Theatre to Bring Public Speaking Skills to Students

Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership students are participating in Loud & Clear, a speech preparation class developed and presented by the Oregon Children’s Theatre (OCT) to provide area school children with a fun and meaningful way to learn public speaking tricks and tools. The I AM Learning Partnership has partnered with OCT to provide the class at Irvington Elementary School. Because public speaking is required for Portland Public School third graders as part of common core standards, this was a terrific opportunity to help them achieve this standard. Read more »

Turbulence and Transformation: Investment trends to Watch for in 2017

globeLast year, we titled our end-of-year investment trends article, “Tipping the Apple Cart: Investment trends to watch for in 2016.” This year, the apple cart has tipped, flipped, and fully overturned. Change is happening faster than ever, and with the election of Donald Trump as President, we are likely to see a great deal more of it this coming year.

Here we explore a few of the trends we are watching for in 2017. As always, a trend does not equate with a smart investment; we offer these predictions not as investment recommendations, but as an interesting look into the cultural and political changes that may affect the investment environment for everyone. Read more »