January 27, 2015

Arnerich Massena and the I AM Learning Partnership Volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank

A colorful school bus arrived at Irvington Elementary School on the afternoon of Friday, January 16 to pick up a crew of 60 people, including Arnerich Massena employees and students in Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership program. The busload of people headed to the Oregon Food Bank for one of the events in FOOD FIGHT, a year-long service learning project sponsored by the I AM Learning Partnership and Oregon Food Bank in partnership.

The 60-person crew of Arnerich Massena volunteers and I AM Learning Partnership students spent three hours at the Oregon Food Bank packaging donated food; in that time, the group packaged 7,441 pounds of beans, the equivalent of 6,201 meals! Due to the success and popularity of the event, another volunteer session at the Oregon Food Bank is in the planning stages. Check out some photos of the event below!


The FOOD FIGHT project is designed to help kids learn about food insecurity and what can be done to reduce the impacts of food insecurity in our community. All year, participating students will be learning hands-on cooking skills in classes organized by the I AM Learning Partnership and will participate in fundraising activities for the Oregon Food Bank. Already, the team has collected almost 400 pounds of food, in addition to serving in volunteer activities. We’ll keep you posted throughout the year-long project, up to the culminating event in October: a healthy food court in the Irvington Elementary School gym, at which Portland chefs will work with students to create dishes to sample. FOOD FIGHT is our way of celebrating the 20th anniversary of Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership.

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