December 2, 2019

Arnerich Massena Attends the 2019 National Conversation on Board Diversity

Portland is the newest city to host The 2019 National Conversation on Board Diversity, created by the 20% by 2020 Women on Boards organization. This global advocacy campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about gender balance on corporate and non-profit boards. The group helps to educate women, provide strategic networking and higher visibility, and ultimately educate all organizations about why diversity benefits companies, shareholders, and the economy. Having met their initial goal of 20% of board seats held by women in all Russell 3000 public companies in the U.S., they are expanding efforts to international markets.

Arnerich Massena’s Terri Schwartz, managing director of institutional services and business development and firm board member, attended the event and joined in a lively discussion with other attendees. We’re pleased to be part of the effort to expand diversity and inclusion in the corporate world, and applaud the efforts and achievements of this organization. It’s exciting to see firsthand the success they are encountering. To learn more about 20% by 2020 Women on Boards, visit

Click here to read Arnerich Massena’s white paper about the importance of women in the financial services industry, Women in Investing: Why balanced gender representation on your advisory team helps lead to success