November 22, 2019

Arnerich Massena Brings Impact Investing Experts to Portland for a Learn Share Connect Impact Investing Forum

Arnerich Massena gathered together three of our Approved Impact Investment Managers, along with a representative from the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), to provide investors with context and information about the opportunities in impact investing. In hosting this exciting forum, we hoped to offer both a broad overview of impact investing, as well as dive into some of the specific opportunities our managers are finding in the impact and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) universe. We assembled at Portland’s Multnomah Athletic Club on November 13 for lunch, discussion, and roundtables. The event was a tremendous success, offering attendees the opportunity not just to hear from our investment managers, but to sit down and ask them questions directly.

Arnerich Massena’s director of business development and investment advisor Ryland Moore set the stage by discussing some of the major changes we’ve seen across the globe in the past decade, opening the door to a vast opportunity set in impact investing. Co-CEO and co-chief investment officer Bryan Shipley, CFA, CAIA provided some foundational knowledge, explaining how Arnerich Massena views impact investing and why we believe investors should be paying attention. He then introduced Ophir Bruck, U.S. network manager of the United Nations-supported PRI. Mr. Bruck discussed the evolution of PRI and its relationship with investors and policy development. He gave the audience a big-picture view of the landscape, illustrating how private capital is contributing to real-world changes.

Arnerich Massena then featured three of the impact investment managers with whom we’ve been working to help clients build these opportunities into their portfolios: Finny Kuruvilla, MD, Ph.D., chief investment officer and portfolio manager of Eventide Asset Management; Molly Ono, consultant relations & institutional sales at Impax Asset Management; and Jonathan Hudacko, CEO of Just Invest. With three very different approaches to accessing the opportunities in impact, it was interesting to hear the underlying philosophies driving their research, and how that translates into portfolio management.

Tony Arnerich presented a passionate argument for deploying capital in such a way as to mitigate our unintended consequences, and why investing in “what we need” will benefit investors’ long-term outcomes from multiple perspectives. Event attendees were then invited to join the speakers at roundtables to pose their questions and follow up on topics of particular interest from the presentation.

We’re pleased to bring this type of event to our clients; we find that hearing directly from multiple experts across different areas of the industry can be extremely helpful in building a deeper understanding of the landscape and opportunities. We’d like to express our great gratitude to Mr. Bruck, Dr. Kuruvilla, Ms. Ono, and Mr. Hudacko for traveling to our city to be with us last week, and to Mr. Arnerich, Mr. Shipley, and Mr. Moore for sharing their insights as well. We look forward to hosting the next event; in the meantime, check out a few pictures below.

To learn more about our approach to impact investing, visit, where you can access our white paper, Impact Investing: Why, What, How, as well as a series of accompanying podcasts.