January 15, 2014

Arnerich Massena Hosting an International Manager Dinner Discussion

International investing continues to draw investor interest, particularly as frontier and emerging markets become more accessible and better understood. Arnerich Massena is excited to host a dinner discussion featuring some of the stars of the international investment management space, providing clients an opportunity to meet and speak with those on the front lines of international investing.

On January 30th, Arnerich Massena clients will gather to meet Larry Speidell from Frontier Market Asset Management, Paul Black from WCM Investment Management, Kathleen Kimiko Phillips and Timothy Schilt from Berens Capital Management, and Blake Walker from Grandeur Peak Global Advisors. This group of experts will lead a discussion about what they see in the near future for international markets, how the global economy is affecting frontier and emerging markets, and which asset classes they believe will be top performers in the future.

We anticipate that everyone who attends will find the discussion of value, and look forward to the event!