September 12, 2019

Arnerich Massena Manager 3×5 Partners Featured in The Wall Street Journal Pro

“After years of quietly building a well-performing portfolio of sustainability and life sciences companies, 3×5 Partners is expanding through new fundraising and a larger team.” Journalist Yuliya Chernova’s Wall Street Journal Pro article “Sustainability, Life Sciences Investor 3×5 Doubles Team Amid Fundraising” examines the history of 3×5 Partners, which was spun out of Arnerich Massena in 2011 as a solution for Arnerich Massena clients to access impact-related private investments. Since that time, 3×5 Partners has evolved as its own stand-alone private equity fund, ranked in the top quartile of all private equity funds in the country. In the article, Chernova notes the company’s remarkable performance: “3×5 is a rare sustainability-focused firm with strong returns.” The article announces the newest additions to the 3×5 Partners team: David Yeh, formerly a senior adviser with the Obama administration, helping to lead infrastructure and energy policy, and Joe Biller, a partner in Sightline Partners, a Minneapolis-based medical technology-focused private equity firm. 3x 5 Partners is currently seeking to raise $125 million for its third fund.

“At 3×5, the larger team will expand on a formula that has been working well for the firm,” Chernova explains. “The firm’s net internal rate of return for its first two funds, which it raised together with RiverVest Capital Partners as co-general partners, places it in the top quartile of venture-capital funds.” The article makes mention of 3×5’s status as a certified B Corporation, which focuses on social impact along with financial return. Arnerich Massena is briefly mentioned also: “3×5 grew out of earlier work by Mr. Arnerich and Mr. Walrod. In 1991, Mr. Arnerich founded investment advisory firm Arnerich Massena, which had about $11 billion in assets under management as of the end of 2018.”

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