August 16, 2016

Arnerich Massena Publishes New White Paper: Hedge Fund Headlines Mislead: Providing Perspective on Hedge Funds

We are pleased to announce the publication of our newest white paper, Hedge Fund Headlines Mislead: Providing Perspective on Hedge Funds. The white paper examines recent trends in the hedge fund industry and the important role hedge funds can play in a long-term investment strategy.

Over the past couple of years, the media has reported the withdrawal from hedge funds by several large institutional investors. How should investors be responding to this news? Arnerich Massena’s white paper takes a deep dive into the reasons hedge funds’ popularity has dipped and what this may mean for hedge fund investors. The discussion includes a look at how to use hedge funds in a portfolio and what strategies and criteria Arnerich Massena uses to select hedge funds.

The current investment environment is one of historically low yields, creating a challenge for fixed income investors. In this environment, hedge funds can be particularly important, as they can provide an alternative to fixed income that can offer some of the same advantages, often with even less risk. The white paper explores this possibility.

“The media only reports the sensational, but in this case, they haven’t really offered an explanation,” said Tony Arnerich, CEO and CIO. “Investors would be well served to better understand the reasoning behind whether or not to include hedge funds in a portfolio, and to understand what their role should be. We think hedge funds can offer tremendous value for long-term investors, but you have to set the right expectations and make sure you are strategic in your selection and use of hedged vehicles.”

Hedge Fund Headlines Mislead notes that the hedge fund industry continues to grow despite negative headlines. The goal of the paper is to bring some perspective to the headlines and help investors understand how hedge funds continue to offer benefits and opportunities.

A downloadable version of Hedge Fund Headlines Mislead: Providing Perspective on Hedge Funds is available at

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