August 25, 2014

Arnerich Massena Publishes White Paper on Private Equity Investing

Return potential is the beacon that draws investors to private equity. The potential of the asset class to provide outsized returns makes it very attractive, but private equity investing requires commitment, patience, and a tolerance for the particular risks of the asset class. A Private Equity Primer: Why and How to Invest in PE, Arnerich Massena’s newest white paper, provides the foundation for investors wishing to gain a familiarity with private equity that can develop into the knowledge and comfort level required of a private equity investor.

“The advantages of private equity are such that it is worth taking the time to better understand the asset class,” says Tony Arnerich, CEO and CIO of Arnerich Massena. “Our experience has been that private equity investing can be highly successful, but it requires a commitment mentality and an understanding of the asset class. With this paper, we want to empower readers to become knowledgeable private equity investors.”

A Private Equity Primer covers the fundamentals of the what, how, and why of private equity, including:

  • The lifecycle of a company
  • The unique benefits and risks of investing in private equity
  • Different avenues for investing in private equity
  • A discussion of private equity fees, benchmarks, and returns

To read the white paper, click here: