June 6, 2017

Arnerich Massena’s Charitable Planning and Impact Investing Featured in Oregon Business Magazine

“Portland investment advisory firm Arnerich Massena helps high net worth clients grow their assets. Then, when it’s time, Arnerich Massena helps them share the wealth.” The Oregon Business Magazine article, featured in the June issue, illustrates two pathways for making an impact: philanthropic giving and impact investing, and explains how Arnerich Massena facilitates both.

“Knowing their clients’ philanthropic goals gives them a unique perspective on blending the objectives of growing assets and giving them away,” the article explains of Arnerich Massena. Interviews with Reegan Rae, CPWA®, senior investment advisor; Glen Goland, JD, CFP®, senior wealth strategist; and Ryland Moore, director of business development; elucidate Arnerich Massena’s unique approach to helping clients navigate the continuum of traditional giving to impact investing. “’We think you can do good and do well at the same time,’ Rae says.”

Read the full article here.