November 9, 2018

Arnerich Massena’s Impact Investing Program Featured in Oregon Business Magazine’s “Bringing the Future to Investors”

“With its third white paper on the topic and award-winning research, Arnerich Massena is redefining ‘impact investing,’ offering investors the opportunity to make a positive global impact with the potential to achieve a market or above-market-rate return.” So begins reporter Harris Newman’s article, “Bringing the Future to Investors,” focused on the story of Arnerich Massena’s impact investing journey.

Arnerich Massena begin exploring sustainable investing in 2008: “Arnerich and co-CIO Bryan Shipley toured major American cities – ‘shouting from the rooftops,’ as they said, about the need to invest in socially and environmentally responsible companies.” But investors were confused, believing that “sustainable” was equivalent to “not profitable.” Fast forward ten years, and not only does the firm have ten years of research under its belt, but there has been a shift in awareness and understanding, as investors are beginning to recognize the opportunities. The article is explicit about Arnerich Massena’s finance-first approach to impact investing: “’We don’t have the luxury of underperformance here,’ said Arnerich. ‘We have a fiduciary responsibility to make money for our clients. And for the first time, we have a portfolio which allows us to do that, as well as make a positive difference.’”

The firm has made great strides since the early days in 2008, and now is able to offer “a fully-defined, multi-asset class portfolio in the impact investing genre, meeting the rigor required by institutional investors and available to all investors.” As author Newman says, “’Doing good for society’ and ‘doing well financially’ have finally caught up with each other.”

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