February 3, 2017

Arnerich Massena’s Ryland Moore Attends the Winter Innovation Summit 2017

“More than ever, solving challenging issues requires honest and active collaboration,” states the welcome letter of the Winter Innovation Summit, sponsored by the Sorenson Impact Center and attended this year by Ryland Moore, director of business development. This event focuses on how the public, nonprofit, and private sectors can effect change together. Attended by thought leaders and policymakers from corporations, nonprofits, and academia, the event features discussions on topics ranging from criminal justice reform to the environment.

The 2017 Summit was the third annual summit, held in Salt Lake City. David Wilkinson, director of the White House Office of Innovation and Civic Participation and speaker at the event, called it “the largest gathering of leaders committed to using measurable outcomes to change the way government works.” Moore attended sessions about impact investing, private equity, and family office investing, among others. See photos below.

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Dave Chen, friend of the firm, talks with Morgan Stanley’s Audrey Choi, about the intersection/convergence of creating social impact and mainstream investing


The Future of Social Impact Bonds with Justin Milner (Urban Institute), John Grossman (Third Sector) Andi Phillips (Maycomb Capital), and Lara Metcalf (Social Finance U.S.)download movie Get Out 2017

Impact Investing with Jim Sorenson (Sorenson Impact), Lindsay Zizumbo (Sorenson Impact), and Chid Liberty (Liberty and Justice)