June 11, 2019

Arnerich Massena’s White Paper Featured in Nonprofit Association of Oregon Newsletter: Investment Committees: More than the Sum of their Parts

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon recently featured Arnerich Massena’s white paper, Investment Committees: More than the sum of their parts in its May 2019 issue of Oregon’s Nonprofit Digest. We’re pleased to share this paper, which discusses how an investment committee’s ability to function as a team can impact the performance of their investment portfolios. Based on wide-ranging research and direct experience, we provide strategies for committees to strengthen their decision-making and group processes in order to ultimately improve outcomes.

You can read the full white paper here. Also, listen to the accompanying podcast, in which senior consultants Chris Van Dyke, CFA, CAIA, and James Ellis, CFA, discuss their experience working with committees, providing insight in investment committee makeup, decision-making, leadership, and more. Listen to the podcast here:

You can also find it on SoundCloudYouTube, and iTunes.