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Another Lawsuit Claiming Breach of Fiduciary Duty

The new lawsuit against the University of Chicago filed by retirement plan participants on May 18 in Illinois can serve as a reminder of the critical importance of fiduciary responsibility. Plaintiffs are suing the University of Chicago for breach of fiduciary duty, alleging that the college failed in its fiduciary duty, resulting in excessive administrative and investment fees and fund underperformance. The University of Chicago’s retirement plans in aggregate have over $3 billion in assets and more than 36,000 participants.

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Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership prepares for its summer programs

Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership is preparing to celebrate some endings and also some exciting new beginnings. Our 2016-17 school-year programs at Irvington School are concluding as we rapidly approach the last day of school. This year, the programs helped more than 100 Irvington students improve their skills in reading, math, science, and homework completion, while also providing mentorship to adolescent girls. Read more »

TEDxPortland Donates Backpacks to Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership

A huge dose of gratitude to TEDxPortland and David Rae, who are gifting the Poler backpacks left over from the TEDxPortland event to the children of Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership. More than 30 of these fantastic backpacks will be handed out to students who attend the I AM Learning Partnership summer programs. (Read a description of a past summer camp here.) Read more »

What is the Fed’s next move?

The Federal Reserve has some plans for the coming year. In addition to the possibility of more rate hikes, The Fed is considering a start to unwinding the $4.5 trillion in bonds on the central bank’s balance sheet. In the March meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, officials stated that the unwind is likely to begin this year, although no details about when or how were addressed. Read more »

Department of Labor Delays Applicability of the Fiduciary Rule

At Arnerich Massena, we are proud that we have always been ahead of the curve on this issue, acknowledging fiduciary status since our inception and offering independent, unbiased advice to retirement plans. Regardless of the outcome of the review, we will continue to acknowledge our fiduciary status and work in the best interest of plan participants.

The Department of Labor’s (DOL) fiduciary rule was set to go into effect on April 10, 2017, but the DOL has announced that the rule has been delayed by 60 days. A Presidential Memorandum issued on February 3 requested that the DOL complete a comprehensive analysis of the rule and its impacts. This delay is intended to allow enough time to evaluate the regulation before it goes into effect. The new applicability date is June 9, 2017. Read more »

Arnerich Massena Publishes New White Paper – Retirement Plan Best Practices: Plan Design

Arnerich Massena is pleased to announce the publication of a new white paper, Retirement Plan Best Practices: Plan Design. This paper is the second of a five-part series outlining retirement plan best practices; the series began with plan governance and will also cover investment menu construction, plan monitoring, and participant education. In Plan Design, we examine the factors that plan sponsors should consider as fiduciaries when making decisions about plan design, looking at how other plans handle different options and identifying some best practices. Read more »