August 27, 2013

Bahi Misheni Primary School in Tanzania Now Has Sanitation Facilities, Thanks in Part to Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership!

You may remember that last year, the I AM Learning Partnership, with the help of Arnerich Massena and the Irvington community, raised $5,600 forH2O for Life. We just received word from Africa with the first photos of the completed development project the money helped to fund: sanitation and latrine facilities for the Bahi Mishena Primary School in Tanzania, Africa. (See photos below.) Thirty schools were slated to receive help in building sanitation facilities, and all 30 are “entering the finish line,” according to our contact at H2O for Life.

Poor sanitation affects children’s school attendance and performance, and inadequate sanitation can also expose girls and women to infections and risk of rape. We are so honored and proud to have been a part of helping this community improve school sanitation and thus the children’s learning environment. Thank you to everyone who participated in our fundraising events-thank you for making this possible!