April 15, 2020

How can we help? In this podcast, Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership’s Christine Arnerich and Kate DeGraw talk about what they are doing and what we can all do to help those in need.

“Reach out, reach out – connect! We are all in this together!” ~Kate DeGraw, I AM Learning Partnership Community Service Coordinator

In a recent post, we detailed how Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership is working hard to continue delivering critical help and services to our students’ families during this stay-at-home period. Now, Christine Arnerich, executive administrator, and Kate DeGraw, community service coordinator, share their experiences in researching needs, organizing services, and delivering support. Interviewed by investment and philanthropic advisor Katherine Fox, CFP®, CAP®, this podcast delves into how you can assist in their efforts or find ways of your own to help people who are struggling.

It’s heartening to see people pulling together during this challenging time. We’re honored to be able to help in the ways we can, and excited to share those opportunities with you. Thank you to everyone for your contributions to our broader community and the support you provide to those around you.

Listen to the podcast here:

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