August 13, 2015

Consultant Jake O’Shaughnessy Discusses Target-Date Funds in Pensions & Investments

“Target-date fund assets surged more than 28% last year, helping produce record-high defined contribution assets under management,” begins Pensions & Investment’s discussion of the growing popularity of target-date funds. Why are participants embracing target-date funds like never before? Pensions & Investments turns to Arnerich Massena senior consultant Jake O’Shaughnessy to help provide an explanation in “Target-date rush pushes assets of DC money managers to record.”

Jake suggests that the increased use of auto features and re-enrollment are contributors to target-date fund investing. Quoted in the article, he adds, “’From my experience, there is an increased confidence from sponsors and the legal community’ to use re-enrollment as a tool to encourage participants to diversify their holdings.”

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Jake in PIonline