September 7, 2018

Fishpeople Seafood Featured in Middle Market Growth

Middle Market Growth’s September/October issue includes a feature about Fishpeople Seafood as it explores its headline trend, “Consumers Craving Fresh, Healthy Ingredients Are Influencing M&A Strategies.” Fishpeople Seafood, one of the private equity investments made by 3×5 Partners, LLC, an Arnerich Massena Approved Manager and affiliate, illustrates this new vogue perfectly, bringing consumers sustainably caught, traceable seafood products they can feel good about. S.A. Swanson’s article notes that “today, more than 6,000 stores sell its product lines, which have expanded to include frozen seafood meals, pre-cooked salmon and salmon jerky.”

Swanson digs into the origin and history of Fishpeople, interviewing co-founders Duncan Berry and Kipp Baratoff, as well as Fishpeople’s CEO Ken Plasse. “Berry’s mission – and that of the company he co-founded, Fishpeople – is to change an industry that in many ways remains the Wild West, with murky supply chains and few worker protections.” Early investment in the company hinged on the firm’s commitment to “traceability.” All Fishpeople packaging includes a traceability code, which directs consumers to information including where the fish was caught, the name and picture of the boat from which it was caught, and even comments from the captain. “Using traceability to differentiate itself in a crowded market is a ‘smart move’ for Fishpeople, according to Ignacio Kleinman, managing partner and founding member of Antarctica Advisors, an investment bank focused on the seafood industry.”

Read the full article and learn more about what makes Fishpeople special at (the article begins on p.21).