February 2, 2018

FishPeople Seafood Lauded in Forbes Magazine

“The company is called Fishpeople, and its mission from the ground up is to be a different kind of seafood company – one that brings pure, authentic, sustainable, and traceable seafood to consumers, but at an affordable price point and in the freezer section of your grocery store.” In Forbes Magazine’sEat Better Seafood: Easy New Way For You To Buy Delicious Fish,” author Larry Olmsted discusses some of the perils of seafood and how Fishpeople — one of the private equity investments made by 3×5 Partners, LLC, an Arnerich Massena Approved Manager — is one of the solutions.

The seafood industry is notoriously problematic, with rampant mislabeling and substitution issues. The numbers are astounding; for instance, the Forbes’ article notes that with red snapper, American consumers get the real thing less than 10% of the time. But Olmsted offers solutions and tips for avoiding seafood scams, like using reputable companies with traceable products. Fishpeople is one such company, making authentic seafood more accessible. Their surprisingly simple seafood kits, soups, and frozen fillets make gourmet seafood eating possible at home.

We believe Fishpeople’s ethical, responsible, sustainable approach to seafood is unique and offers tremendous value to consumers. This Forbes article is confirmation that people recognize the need Fishpeople fulfills. We’re excited to watch the arc of this innovative company as it continues to expand and change the way consumers source seafood protein.

To read the complete Forbes article, visit https://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2018/01/29/eat-better-seafood-easy-new-way-for-you-to-buy-delicious-fish/#4aea4fee64f9

To learn more about Fishpeople, visit https://fishpeopleseafood.com/