December 20, 2013

How to Party Like an Arnerich Massena Lady

Our annual holiday “Ladies’ Luncheon” may sound stuffy, but it is anything but. This year, the ladies of Arnerich Massena began with a white elephant gift exchange at the Oregon Public House Pub. The Oregon Public House is the “world’s first non-profit pub,” where diners can choose from eight charitable organizations to which they’d like to donate the profits from their meals. (Visit to learn more.)

If you have never heard of a white elephant gift exchange, it involves choosing an odd item from your home — either something you’ve been gifted and don’t want or just something you want to get rid of — and wrapping it to re-gift. Gifts are opened and passed around in a game format in the hopes that at the very least everyone will get a kick out of the unusual items, and that perhaps one or two weird items might even find their homes. In this year’s holiday luncheon, we experienced a rare serendipity; two people with the same item! We had not one but two giant black pepper grinders; you can see them in the photo below. What a strange coincidence. Both pepper grinders were donated to the restaurant, so it appears that they found their home after all.

The luncheon did not end there, though – the party continued at Marquis Piedmont, an assisted living facility, where we made some new friends while decorating gingerbread houses. Check out the photos below to see the fun and frosting fly. What a beautiful way to celebrate the holidays – we would encourage everyone to party like an Arnerich Massena lady!

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