September 30, 2019

Investment and Philanthropic Advisor Katherine Fox, CFP®, CAP®, Featured in the National Center for Family Philanthropy Blog

Arnerich Massena’s investment and philanthropic advisor Katherine Fox, CFP®, CAP®, shares her insights about the motivations and concerns of younger donors with a broad audience on the National Center for Family Philanthropy website. The NCFP is dedicated to “helping families realize the promise and possibilities of philanthropy for meaningful impact,” so Katherine’s work in developing Arnerich Massena’s philanthropic advisory service model and providing philanthropic advisory services to clients fits well with the services and resources they provide. Featured as a “voice from the field” in the Family Giving News Blog, Katherine brings her perspective to NCFP members and visitors.

“To truly explore Millennials’ engagement with philanthropy, we need to first examine the underlying needs and concerns that inform why younger donors choose [certain] approaches to giving,” Katherine explains in “Exploring the Motivations and Concerns of Younger Donors,” which focuses on gaining a better understanding of the concerns facing the next generation of philanthropists, and the thinking that lies underneath the development of their giving strategies. In the article, she provides guidance for families and advisors who are helping younger donors begin to craft their philanthropic identities.

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