April 14, 2015

Just Desserts

At Arnerich Massena, we are known for being a firm of foodies; after all, Portland is something of a mecca for excellent food. And we bring that excellence into our offices with occasional food-oriented competitions, such as our annual chili cook-off. One of our favorites is Just Desserts, a competition to see who can create the most sinful, the most calorie-laden, the sweetest, and the most delicious dessert. Everyone is really a winner of this contest, since we all get to taste the entries.

This year, our three judges had a difficult decision, but settled on the winner being Sandra Naderi-Nejad’s sinful chocolate torte and raspberries. Other entries included almond butter cake with honey ginger strawberries, chocolate pecan squares, panna cotta with berries, classic chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate peanut butter cheesecake with a pretzel crust.

Thank you to Sandra Naderi-Nejad for organizing the event, to Robbin Boos for providing the photography, and to our judges Karl Hausafus, Natalie Nash, and Mukunda Loprinzi. And to all our contestants!

Check out the photos below and see if they don’t whet your sweet tooth!

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