October 2, 2018

Katherine Fox Speaks at VertueLab/OEN Impact Summit

Arnerich Massena’s Katherine Fox helped to open the ceremonies at the VertueLab/OEN (Oregon Entrepreneurs Network) Impact Summit, an afternoon conference on Sept 26 at Castaway Portland. Introducing a fireside chat about the key issues and emerging opportunities for cleantech innovators, Katherine discussed the current trends in impact investing and impact philanthropy. She addressed the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs as they begin working with the next generation of impact philanthropists. Ms. Fox sits on the Board of Directors of the VertueLab Impact Philanthropy Fund.

You can watch Katherine’s inspiring speech at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GgrTrzUKEc&feature=youtu.be or by clicking the image below.

Learn more about VertueLab and the VertueLab Philanthropy Impact Fund at https://vertuelab.org/