November 21, 2017

Lisa Tran from Tan Tan Café Visits Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership Girls’ Club

The I AM Learning Partnership Girls’ Club, where girls from third to sixth grade meet weekly for mentorship and enrichment activities, were recently treated to a visit from a local restaurateur, Lisa Tran from Tan Tan Café. Ms. Tran shared her inspiring story with the girls and provided special instruction on how to make salad rolls!

Ms. Tran told the story of how her parents fled Vietnam, heading to Indonesia, where Lisa was born. They saved enough money to move to America, but had no knowledge of English or American culture. Nevertheless, they opened a Vietnamese restaurant. Lisa grew up helping the family in the restaurant; she performed every imaginable job and worked both before and after school throughout her childhood. After high school, Ms. Tran went to PSU to earn a Master’s in psychology, with no intention of continuing to be involved in her parents’ business. But the Beaverton restaurant was such a success, they asked her to open another restaurant in Vancouver. Now they have added an additional business, in which they bottle and sell their sauces.

The girls loved hearing this tale of success, and also enjoyed learning how to make salad rolls afterward. Ms. Tran supplied all of the food, and gifted each student with a bottle of peanut sauce.

Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership has taken a particular focus on food and food security over the past few years, conducting service learning projects centered around food and providing nutrition and cooking classes during summer camps. This was an exciting addition to the program’s food-themed learning projects.