January 29, 2019

Listen to Part 1 of Arnerich Massena’s Impact Investing Podcast Series

Following the publication of our recent white paper, Impact Investing: Why, What, How? we have been excited to discover that people are deeply interested in the opportunities we are presenting and what it could mean both for their portfolio and for the world. We wanted to dive in a little deeper and share some of our knowledge and passion firsthand. To that end, we’re pleased to introduce Arnerich Massena’s Impact Investing Podcast Series. In this series of podcasts, we’ll explore impact investing from a variety of different angles, including the history of our research, the basics of what impact investing is, and what thematic opportunities we are focusing on.

Part 1 of the podcast series, available now, features co-CIOs Tony Arnerich and Bryan Shipley, CFA, CAIA, providing some background and context by discussing the history of Arnerich Massena’s impact research. The firm started researching these themes back in 2007/8, and has built up a significant body of knowledge. “As we move forward ten years, to 2018/2019,” Tony says in the podcast, “the genre has reemerged and there’s a lot more interest, so we’re really excited to share what we’ve learned over the past decade.” Both Tony and Bryan have driven the process since the beginning, and bring their stories and insights to listeners.

Listen to the podcast here:

You can also find  it on Soundcloud, YouTube, and iTunes.