February 19, 2019

Listen to Part 2 of Arnerich Massena’s Impact Investing Podcast Series: What is impact investing and why is it worth your attention?

We recently posted part 1 of our Impact Investing Podcast Series, which provided some background and context to the history of Arnerich Massena’s impact research. We’re pleased to now present part 2, in which we look at what impact investing is and why it’s worth your attention. Co-CIO Bryan Shipley, CFA, CAIA, and investment advisor Ryland Moore discuss everything from definitions to long-term trends, as they share their insights on the impact marketplace, its evolution, and why it’s so important right now.

“One of the biggest challenges within the space is identifying what investors are trying to accomplish when they think about impact investing,” begins Bryan Shipley, “For Arnerich Massena, it’s about thinking about what the world needs and leaning into segments of the market we think are going to have extremely strong tailwinds behind their back.” Ryland Moore adds, “You have the things we believe the world needs – water, energy technologies, healthy living/healthcare, food and agriculture; that builds up our premise of what we think of as impact.” The conversation continues, exploring what overall trends are contributing to make impact investing such an attractive opportunity for investors.

Listen to the podcast here:

You can also find it on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Look for part 3 of our Impact Investing Podcast Series coming soon; in this series of podcasts, we explore impact investing from a variety of different angles, and part 3 will focus on the thematic opportunities in the space. You can also read our recent white paper, Impact Investing: Why, What, How? to learn more.