September 19, 2019

Meet Arnerich Massena’s Principals: Senior Research Analyst Arthur Coyne, CFA


“My personal investment philosophy draws on the ancient Greeks, and they have two sayings. One is ‘know thyself,’ and in the context of investing, what that means to me is to know what your investment objectives are and to know how much risk you’re willing to take. And the other saying they have is ‘all things in moderation,’ which, from an investment standpoint, means don’t be too extreme.” In this short video, part of Arnerich Massena’s “Meet the Principals” series introducing you to the firm’s employee owners, senior research analyst and principal Arthur Coyne, CFA, shares his investment philosophy, why he enjoys working for Arnerich Massena, and a few bits of wisdom.

Watch Meet Arnerich Massena Principals: Senior Research Analyst Arthur Coyne, CFA, here.