April 13, 2015

Mt. Hood Welcomes Arnerich Massena for our Annual “Ski Day”

The snow finally came, just in time for Arnerich Massena’s annual ski day, where employees and their families hit the slopes for a day of snowy fun. This year, we had skiers, hikers, and fishers take to the mountain to enjoy the vistas and mountain air. Back at the lodge, games and a feast of food kept everyone toasty between runs.

The weather favored us with sunshine and perfect temperatures. A guided hiking tour took some staff members around Trillium Lake, which also proved a popular fishing location this year. A fair number of us donned skis and snowboards and braved the snow. Check out our photos below!

Aliese Elizabeth Anita and daughter Bonnie and fam Bonnie Robbin Bryan and fam Bryan and fam2 Dann Kathy DM and fam DM Dann Kathy Nick family mountain mountain2 Robbin Natalie Elizabeth Aliese Ryland Ed Stephanie and kids Stuart Tyler Stephanie Lori