April 6, 2016

National Retirement Planning Week® is April 11 -15!

Proactive retirement planning is the key to financial freedom and a secure retirement. The National Retirement Planning Coalition, a group of education, consumer advocacy, and financial services organizations that joined together to increase retirement planning awareness, has announced that April 11-15 2016 is National Retirement Planning Week®! Whether you are a retirement plan sponsor or a plan participant, this is a great time to get organized. Below are some ideas for how to observe National Retirement Planning Week®:

For plan sponsors:

  • Campaign to enroll employees in the retirement plan.
  • Send reminders to participants to:
    • Increase their contributions
    • Calculate their retirement savings goal
    • Update their beneficiary forms
  • Review your plan features and investment options.

For participants:watch movie Why Him? now

Happy National Retirement Planning Week®!