September 8, 2015

New Arnerich Massena White Paper: The Future of the Recordkeeping Industry

In 2014, thirteen merger/acquisition deals were made among retirement plan recordkeepers, a record number of consolidations and ownership changes. Looking ahead, we predict continuing changes as the recordkeeping industry evolves. Recordkeeping is experiencing its industry shakeout phase, which has real-world impacts for plan sponsors as services and costs adjust. Our newest white paper, The Future of the Recordkeeping Industry, examines the evolution of the recordkeeping industry, providing plan sponsors with perspective that can help them prepare for the future.

Recordkeeping services have evolved based on industry needs, technology, and regulations, and the industry is continuing its evolutionary arc into new territory. Better understanding the recordkeeping industry landscape can help sponsors find the right leverage to negotiate the services and prices that will best fit their plans. The paper looks at:

  • What are the implications of industry shifts for plan sponsors?
  • How can plan sponsors evaluate recordkeeping providers in light of these shifts?
  • How can employers safeguard the services that are important to their plans?

To read the white paper, click here: