May 4, 2018

Fishpeople Seafood’s Salmon Seafood Kit on The Today Show’s “Eat This, Not That!”

David Zinczenko of The Today Show’sEat This, Not That” shares Fishpeople Seafood’s Meyer Lemon & Herb Panko Wild Alaskan Salmon Kit on the April 30 show. (Fishpeople is one of the private equity investments made by 3×5 Partners, LLC, an Arnerich Massena Approved Manager and affiliate.) For this show, editors headed to the freezer aisle to “find the very best, healthiest meals made with the cleanest ingredients.” With 27 grams of protein and only 240 calories per serving, Fishpeople’s salmon kit makes a great, healthy meal of sustainable seafood. “You want something that gives you peace of mind,” Zinczenko remarks. Read more »

May 3, 2018

The DOL Reminds ERISA Fiduciaries That Economic Considerations Must Come Before ESG

In the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Interpretive Bulletin 2015-01, guidance encouraged plan sponsors to incorporate into their plans economically targeted investments (ETIs), investments that are selected, in part, for the social and/or environmental benefits they provide in addition to the investment return. Now, a new Field Assistance Bulletin, No. 2018-01, reminds fiduciaries that economic considerations must take priority over any collateral environmental or social benefits. Fiduciaries may not sacrifice investment return or take on additional investment risk in order to pursue environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in an investment. Read more »

May 2, 2018

Zero Mass Water Source Panels on CBS This Morning “Out of Thin Air”

“Global water shortages are still a concern – a recent UN report predicts that more than five billion people – about two thirds of the world’s population – could suffer water scarcity by 2050” begins the CBS This Morning report, Out of Thin Air. “[Reporter] Jamie Yuccas visited one company in Arizona with a possible solution that makes drinkable water out of air.” In this report, Yuccas interviews Cody Friesen, founder and CEO of Zero Mass Water, one of the private equity investments made by 3×5 Partners, LLC, an Arnerich Massena Approved Manager. Read more »

May 1, 2018

April 30, 2018

Why is Downside Protection so Important?

Behavioral economics tells us that people feel the pain of a loss more deeply than they feel the pleasure of a gain. For this reason, risk aversion is common among investors, as we try to avoid that pain. But there is a mathematical reason painful losses feel more impactful than gains; the return percentage needed to make up for a loss can be significantly greater than the loss itself. Read more »

April 26, 2018

Arnerich Massena Sponsors the Rose Villa Foundation’s Jungle Adventure, Coming up on May 4

The Rose Villa Foundation is hosting its 2018 fundraising event, Jungle Adventure, on Friday, May 4, featuring an evening of cool cocktails, scrumptious cuisine, silent and live auctions, games, raffles, and more! Proceeds help provide critical financial assistance for housing and support of Rose Villa residents who outlive their resources. Read more »

April 24, 2018

Arnerich Massena Sponsors Cascade Pacific Council’s Eagle Scout Celebration

On April 17, local Eagle Scouts gathered to honor Jeff Pinneo, this year’s Distinguished Eagle Scout Award Recipient. Presented by Brad Tilden, Honorary Event Chairman and current Chairman, President, and CEO of Alaska Air Group (and previous recipient of the award), the award acknowledges Eagle Scouts who have received national-level recognition, fame, or demonstrated eminence within their field, and have a strong record of voluntary service to the community. The evening also honored the 2017 class of 514 Eagle Scouts and ten Eagle Scout scholarship award recipients. Read more »

April 23, 2018

A Sea Change in Volatility?

After hitting an all-time low in 2017, investor expectations of stock market volatility have started to rise this year. While these market jitters are at least partly due to eventful headlines, there’s another, more fundamental explanation that may be playing a role: The Federal Reserve’s decision to reduce its bond holdings may be contributing to increased volatility in the stock market. Read more »

April 20, 2018

April 18, 2018