August 2, 2019

Plan Sponsor Council of America Provides 401(k)/403(b) Campaign Materials

Getting participants engaged and educated is a critical part of sponsoring a retirement plan, and the Plan Sponsor Council of America is here to help. The organization has been providing campaign materials to members and non-members to help bring awareness to retirement savings and assist plan sponsors in educating their participants about financial wellness. This year’s campaign, The Retirement Game, brings an element of fun to retirement planning education, with football-themed materials. PSCA member Arnerich Massena assisted in the development of the campaign materials.

September 6, 2019 is the official 401(k) Day this year, but The Retirement Game campaign can be used any time throughout the year for campaigns of varying length. The materials are designed to be flexible, so sponsors can make use of them whether they are building a week-long event or stretching their education out over several months. A Coach’s Handbook with guidance on building an education strategy and five flyers/messages form the framework around which plan sponsors can craft their campaigns. PSCA hosted a webinar to help sponsors use the materials to best advantage.

Get your participants closer to retirement readiness today! To access PSCA’s “Retirement Game” campaign materials and webinar, visit