May 3, 2019

Read FYI, the Inside News from Arnerich Massena’s Wealth Management Team

Bringing you the inside news from Arnerich Massena’s Wealth Management Team

Planning Your Heirs’ Inheritance

As stewards of our clients’ wealth, we see many families struggle with transitioning wealth to their children. How much is “enough” versus “too much” to leave to heirs, and how do you make the determination? In this article, philanthropic advisor Katherine Fox discusses the steps families can take as they explore this question and outlines Arnerich Massena’s in-depth approach to support families in this inquiry process. Read more here.


Practical Planning: Getting Your Affairs in Order

Time is undefeated against all opponents, including us humans. Whether your time comes this year or many years from now, there are a handful of things you may want to consider taking care of while you are alive. Senior wealth strategist Glen Goland, JD, CFP, details them in this article.



Analytics Update: Impact Investing Resources & Education

Arnerich Massena’s Impact Investing Portfolio is growing as people learn more about this remarkable opportunity set. For those who are interested in learning more about impact investing or about Arnerich Massena’s philosophy and research, we offer a wealth of information across a variety of media. This article provides links to white papers, articles, podcasts, and videos provided by Arnerich Massena.


Philanthropy Focus: Northwest Health Foundation – Incorporating Impact

The Northwest Health Foundation has been working to build impact investing values and standards into its investment portfolio. We spoke with Jason Hilton, vice president of finance, about the process by which the foundation launched their impact investing initiative, developed their philosophy, and has continued to implement it in their strategy. Read about it here.


Partnering in Our Community: Introducing Terra Reimer and Arabian Horse Rescue & Education

If you have been to Arnerich Massena’s office recently, you have likely encountered a new face at our reception desk, Terra Reimer. In this article, Terra talks about her volunteer work with the Arabian Horse Rescue & Education, a phenomenal organization about which she is deeply passionate. Read more here.