May 1, 2018

Read FYI, the inside news from Arnerich Massena’s Wealth Management Team

Bringing you the inside news from
Arnerich Massena’s Wealth Management Team

Protect Your Online Presence: Tips from a Security Expert

With concerns over data privacy issues at an all-time high, it’s tempting to throw your hands in the air and declare that privacy is dead. However, there are still several important steps you should take to protect your online presence. We interviewed Gennie Gebhart, a researcher at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, on consumer privacy, surveillance, and security issues, and compiled her suggestions to protect yourself and your family. Read more here.


Welcome to the team! 

We’d like to welcome Natalie Pukatch as senior client associate and our Operations team lead. Read her complete biography here.






Practical Planning: Protect Your Identity While Traveling

There are all sorts of ways to protect your personal data and property while you are away on vacation this summer. Here are a few. Read more…




Philanthropy Focus

Read here about the amazing work of one2one USA Foundation and Chamber Music Northwest. Find out about current fundraising events and capital calls.






Where in the world are our analysts?

This quarter, Arnerich Massena analysts visited Denver, St. Louis, and Atlanta, among other locations, for meetings with prospective and existing managers. They attended a Private Equity Conference and the e13 eVestment Institutional Intelligence Conference.





There are few cities in the U.S. that love and support TEDx the way Portland does; it is now on the “Top Ten List” of cities in terms of participation and engagement with the entire TEDx organization. Arnerich Massena employees who attended “Bridges,” the 2018 TEDxPortland event, found it “an invitation to leave your world and normality behind and engage your mind in endless amounts of creativity and thought.”

The Keller Auditorium was sold out, filled with an array of enthusiastic speakers and a high-spirited audience. This year’s event was “dedicated to building the future of Portland as an equitable, hopeful, and prosperous city for all.” The impressive lineup of speakers and musicians lived up to the hype. The eighth annual TEDxPortland left the audience with an overwhelming sense of passion, inspiration, and emotion.

We’re extremely proud to be a sponsor of TEDxPortland and have the opportunity to be part of inspiring Portland.

by Kate Deines, Investment Advisor