July 26, 2019

Ryland Moore and Melody Behnke Attend Sustainability Salon Hosted by Impax and Ceres

Impax Asset Management and sustainability nonprofit Ceres hosted “Climate Investments and Corporate Sustainability Innovations” on July 16, a gathering of leaders from the investment, business, and nonprofit communities to dialogue about investments and innovations. Featured speakers included Tobias Read, Oregon State Treasurer; Molly Ono, director of Impax Asset Management; and Kirsten Spalding, senior department director, investor network, from Ceres.

This “midsummer sustainability salon,” held at Blockhouse in Northwest Portland, provided a forum for discussion and networking around attracting investment in innovations in sustainability and impact. Wealth management investment advisors Ryland Moore and Melody Behnke, MBA, CFP, attended the event, continuing to build on Arnerich Massena’s impact and ESG investing network and resources.