March 19, 2014

TEDx Portland Preparation

TEDx Portland is just a few short weeks away – April 12 at the Keller Auditorium. As a platinum sponsor of the event, we are getting excited about hearing this year’s “ideas worth spreading.”

But that doesn’t mean we will forget about past years’ ideas worth spreading, which are still as relevant as ever. Check out these top five most-watched TED talks to find inspiration, excitement, ideas, laughter, and wonder. If you want to continue watching after these five, explore, where thousands of TED talks are available.


Number 1: Ken Robinson talks about the education of the future:

Number 2: Amy Cuddy shares surprising studies about the effects of body language:

Number 3: Simon Sinek on how leaders inspire:

Number 4: Brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor describes her powerful experience of having a stroke:

Number 5: Brené Brown talks about the importance of vulnerability:


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