June 21, 2013

The Oregonian Visits Math & Science Summer Camp!

Arnerich Massena’s Math & Science Summer Camp, which is in full swing, hosted a visitor from The Oregonian on June 17; reporter Larry Bingham came to learn about the I AM Learning Partnership and snap photographs of the kids in action. It was a great photo op day; the students were giving presentations in small groups, displaying posters they had created to demonstrate what they were learning about biology. It was also a perfect opportunity for Bingham to get a flavor of the summer camp activities and general vibe.

As the camp day wound down, Bingham interviewed Christine Arnerich and Kate DeGraw to understand the programs Arnerich Massena sponsors. They discussed everything from the history of the almost 20-year programs to the scope of the I AM Learning Partnership and the programs’ successes. You’ll find the story here.