June 21, 2016

Tony Arnerich Featured in The PBJ Interview

Each issue of The Portland Business Journal includes its popular feature, the PBJ Interview, highlighting a local business personality. The Journal selected Tony Arnerich to appear in its May 27, 2016 issue, in the article entitled “Investing for the Greater Good: Tony Arnerich on impact investing, towing Ken Kesey’s magic bus and more.”

Reporter James Cronin captures the passion and history behind Tony’s unique investment approach, explaining how he got from towing Ken Kesey’s bus in Eugene in the 70s to changing the way the investment industry looks at impact investing today. In discussing ESG investing, Cronin quotes Tony: “It was a polarizing set of acronyms that the investment industry put around this very definitionally simple idea that we want to leave the world in a better place for future generations…. We tilt your portfolio to what the world needs. That’s not very political. A lot of times in life it’s how you say things, not what you say. We changed the tone of the conversation.”

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PBJ Interview