January 23, 2015

Tony Arnerich in USA Today

Tony Arnerich is among the “top advisers” quoted in USA Today’s recent article: “The 2015 Outlook from Top Investment Advisers.” Columnist John Waggoner was looking for forecasts and recommendations from some of the largest investment advisers in the U.S., to whom he posed two questions: “What do you think will be the greatest investment opportunity in 2015? And what do you think will be the greatest danger?”

Waggoner quotes Tony on the first question: “Tony Arnerich is CEO of Arnerich Massena, a Portland, Ore., investment advisory firm that manages $22.6 billion. ‘One of our fundamental investment theses is to seek to invest in what people need,’ Arnerich says. ‘In 2015, and over the next decade, we believe that water offers the biggest opportunity for investors. As the population grows, fresh water will become scarcer and more sought after,’ Arnerich says, and that means more opportunities for investors. ‘Water investors will find opportunities in infrastructure investing, utilities, agriculture and innovations in water sourcing and treatment,’ he says. ‘There is something for every investor in water, from public water investments to private equity water investing.’”

On the other side of the coin, Tony expresses concerns about contracting interest rates: “Arnerich, however, is more worried that rates will go the other way due to continued global economic contraction. ‘To manage interest rate risk, an investor can keep a low duration bond portfolio and use low volatility alternative strategies,’ he says.”

To read the full article, visit http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2015/01/21/the-2015-outlook-from-top-investment-advisers/22122019/