March 1, 2016

Tony Arnerich Talks about China in The Portland Business Journal

“Double-digit growth may be a thing of the past in China, but the world’s largest economy is still growing at a 7 percent clip. The takeaway: patience will be rewarded in the long run despite hand wringing today.” So begins “A Deep Breath on China,” a thought leader forum discussion featured in The Portland Business Journal. Tony Arnerich, along with three other business leaders, held forth on what people need to know in order to successfully do business with or invest in China.

The overall conversation was overwhelmingly positive toward opportunities in China, if you are patient and knowledgeable. “This is a two-step-forward, one-step-back world where markets are going to be more volatile than you like. But if you’re not worried about it day-to-day, you’ll be well rewarded in ten or 20 years,” Tony notes in the article. The discussion spanned from cultural differences to China’s currency devaluation, offering thoughts on what the future might hold and how to take advantage of it.

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