August 12, 2013

“Tony’s Cheese” is now “Tony’s Award-Winning Cheese!”

If you know Tony Arnerich, you know that he lives a double-life: investment advisor during the week, cheese-monger on the weekends. Tony is passionate about the Ancient Heritage Dairy, a small, family-owned company in Madras, Oregon, in which he has invested so that he can help bring their exquisite artisan cheese to the world. This August, two of the dairy’s cheeses won top spots in the leading competition of American-made cheeses, a wonderful recognition of what Tony’s known for a long time.

The Ancient Heritage Dairy was one of 257 companies entering almost 2,000 different products in the American Cheese Society’s (ACS) annual competition, whose goal it is to “give positive recognition to those cheeses that are of the highest quality in their aesthetic and technical evaluation.” Valentine, a bloomy rind cheese made from sheep’s milk, won first prize among “soft-ripened cheeses made from sheep’s or mixed milks.” Hannah, a cow and sheep’s milk hard cheese, came out on top in the “American-made/international style made from sheep’s milk or mixed milks” category.

If you want to try the Ancient Heritage Dairy’s award-winning cheeses, you can purchase them online or at New Seasons and Whole Foods. Or, stop by their booth at the Portland Farmer’s Market – you might run into Tony in his alter ego role.

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