May 14, 2013

Two Arnerich Massena Advisors Speaking at NAGDCA 2013 Annual Conference

Arnerich Massena advisors Vincent Galindo and Jake O’Shaughnessy have both been tapped to speak at this year’s NAGDCA Annual Conference (National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators, Inc.). Both Jake and Vincent are veteran speakers at NAGDCA, having presented on topics ranging from the RFP process to fiduciary risks. Vincent has also served on the NAGDCA Annual Conference Committee, Education Taskforce, Investment Policy Taskforce, and Legislative Committee.

Vincent Galindo will appear on Tuesday, September 10 as a panelist on the topic of stable value funds. With stable value as a key component in most participant-directed defined contribution plans, plan sponsors are looking for guidance on overcoming the challenges of the changing financial services industry landscape. The session will help plan sponsors understand the complexities of today’s stable value environment and how to make better informed decisions.

Jake O’Shaughnessy will be discussing Roth 457 plans and conversions on his panel on Wednesday, September 11. Many employers have not yet adopted Roth provisions, often because they don’t understand them or believe they will complicate the already-difficult employee communication process. The session will compare Roth contributions to regular pre-tax contributions, discuss who may be best served by Roth contributions, and why participants would also consider a conversion.

The NAGDCA 2013 Annual Conference will take place in Louisville, Kentucky from September 7 – September 11. For more information, visit