October 10, 2017

Zero Mass Water – Capital and Hard Work Making a Difference

Sometimes we are reminded of just how profound the combination of capital and hard work can be in effecting changes in the world. Zero Mass Water, one of the investments in private equity venture 3×5 Partners LLC, recently had a launch event and they visited some of the sites where their devices were installed in Lebanon. If you haven’t heard of Zero Mass Water, the company builds a device called SOURCE, a solar panel that makes water out of moisture in the air. Using only solar energy, the device literally creates clean water out of thin air.

As part of the recent launch, Zero Mass Water staff visited a school and an orphanage, neither of which previously had a reasonable way to provide potable water to their children. They witnessed first-hand children, some of them Syrian refugees, drinking SOURCE water made possible by Zero Mass Water staff and investors.

Cody Friesen, Zero Mass Water CEO, said, “SOURCE is perfecting water for these kids. It was impossible not to be emotional. We’re making it happen… never forget why we show up to this task every day.”