May 2, 2018

Zero Mass Water Source Panels on CBS This Morning “Out of Thin Air”

“Global water shortages are still a concern – a recent UN report predicts that more than five billion people – about two thirds of the world’s population – could suffer water scarcity by 2050” begins the CBS This Morning report, Out of Thin Air. “[Reporter] Jamie Yuccas visited one company in Arizona with a possible solution that makes drinkable water out of air.” In this report, Yuccas interviews Cody Friesen, founder and CEO of Zero Mass Water, one of the private equity investments made by 3×5 Partners, LLC, an Arnerich Massena Approved Manager.

Friesen explains to Yuccas how Zero Mass Water’s Source panels pull water vapor from the air using solar power only, delivering it directly to a faucet. He notes, “The biggest problem facing humanity is drinking water. If we can solve this problem, we change the world.” With more than 1,000 systems working in ten countries, Source panels are helping in current crises, providing water for victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico and an orphanage for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

We’re thrilled to see Zero Mass Water in the news again and generating widespread interest in the firm’s incredible technology. Watch the complete CBS This Morning Out of Thin Air report at