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January, 2018

Welcome 2018! Before bidding 2017 goodbye, we’d like to share some 2017 program highlights from Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership. Plus it’s time to reveal some of the 2018 program highlights on the horizon!

2017 I AM Learning Partnership Program Highlights

Partnership with Reading Results to Host Community Summer Literacy School

The 2017 Community Summer Literacy School was a successful first-time collaboration and partnership with Portland area non-profit Reading Results. By working together and combining resources, the I AM Learning Partnership and Reading Results hosted twenty students from Irvington Elementary and neighboring Sabin, Boise-Elliott, and King Schools. These students, kindergarten through second-graders, were identified by each school as not meeting state literacy grade-level benchmarks. This six-week collaboration was provided to each family at no cost and met the program’s goals: to help students improve their reading skills, to prevent the typical ‘summer slide,’ and to build self-confidence and promote a love for reading and learning. It was most rewarding to offer summer academic equity and enrichment to the broader community and not solely Irvington School. We look forward to continuing this summer partnership.

2017 Awards

The I AM Learning Partnership proudly received two program awards in 2017. On September 28, Tony and Christine Arnerich attended the Invest in Others Corporate Philanthropy Award ceremony in New York City and received a Finalist Award in the Advisory Firm category from the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation. Financial advisors are nominated for actively giving back to non-profits to improve their communities and make a difference in the lives of others.

On October 11, Arnerich Massena was recognized among the top corporate philanthropists in the Small Business category in the Portland Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Awards. This marks the fourth year in a row the Portland Business Journal has recognized the firm’s charitable efforts through the I AM Learning Partnership programs and for financial support Arnerich Massena provides to a number of charitable organizations.

Focus on Food Security

In 2017, the I AM Learning Partnership programs focused attention on food insecurity in the immediate community. Participating students learned about the need for local food pantries and learned how to conduct a food drive. The first food drive took place in November. Food was collected at the Arnerich Massena office and Irvington School and all food items were distributed through the Irvington School Food Pantry to deserving Irvington families facing hunger.

Arnerich Massena Giving Tree

The last highlight of 2017 was the annual Arnerich Massena office Giving Tree. In an effort to help make the holiday season a bit brighter for Irvington School families who are less fortunate, Arnerich Massena firm employees and Irvington School staff team up and volunteer to shop for needed gift items. This year the 2017 Giving Tree helped support 42 children from 20 families!

2018 I AM Learning Partnership Program Highlights

Continuing focus on food security

On February 22, 2018, the I AM Learning Partnership’s Girls’ Club will team up with employees from Arnerich Massena as volunteers at the Oregon Food Bank. At this event, participants will work together to repack bulk food for distribution in food boxes for vulnerable Oregon families experiencing hunger. This mission helps connect program students to the broader community and aligns with program curriculum and lessons about food insecurity in the community.

A recent donor to the Irvington School Food Pantry is Lisa Tran, a local restaurateur, from Tan Tan Café. Ms. Tran visited the I AM Learning Partnership’s Girls’ Club to share her inspiring story about being a child American immigrant and helping her family to succeed in the restaurant business. Ms. Tran made salad rolls with Girls’ Club members and shared her family’s ‘flavors’ with Girls’ Club, which included their own bottled peanut sauce. Ms. Tran supplied all of the food and gifted each student with a bottle of peanut sauce. A special highlight in 2018 will be a Girls’ Club field trip to Tan Tan Café to enjoy dinner with Ms. Tran and her family.

Summer Literacy School

Although summer will not arrive for several more months, plans are already underway for the I AM Learning Partnership to roll out another Community Summer Literacy School. Sharing resources and partnering with non-profit Reading Results is the perfect way to spread academic equity and reach more vulnerable students in the immediate community. In addition, this mission aligns with the Portland Public School system’s K-3 Literacy Initiative to help all students achieve literacy success by third grade.

Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership is most grateful for the participation and support of the Arnerich Massena employees. It is this dedication that enables the partnership to succeed, but most importantly this participation and support helps the students in the partnership to succeed and thrive!

If you are interested in joining the volunteer efforts of the I AM Learning Partnership, please contact Kate DeGraw or Elly Kendig.

Tony and Christine Arnerich, Kate DeGraw, and Elly Kendig
I AM Learning Partnership