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Corporate Investment Consultants

Customized solutions, best-in-class ideas, committee support and education, and a focus on client service and communication

Who we serve

We provide investment consulting services for corporations, professional partnerships, and healthcare organizations. Plans generally range in assets between $100 million and $2 billion.

Our clients include sponsors of:

  • Qualified defined contribution plans (401(k), 403(b), and profit sharing)
  • Qualified defined benefit plans
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans
  • VEBA and other special purpose employee benefit trusts

In addition, we provide portfolio and investment management services for:

  • Cash reserves
  • Dedicated funds
  • Captive insurance reserves
  • Corporate-owned and private placement life insurance
  • Corporate executives — custom programs via our Wealth Management group

Arnerich Massena consults to more than $9.3 billion (as of 12/31/16).

How we add value

As an independent fiduciary for your plan, we take a holistic view of our role. We:

  • Proactively advise on strategic retirement issues to help achieve your organizational objectives
  • Help minimize the business risk to your organization by reducing exposure to ERISA claims
  • Help your participants achieve better retirement income outcomes by:
    • Applying best practices in defined contribution plan design, menu construction, and participant education
    • Reducing investment and vendor fees
  • Strive to improve risk-adjusted investment returns on portfolio investments through strategic diversification and tactical portfolio management
  • Make your life easier by assisting committee members and staff to comply with governance and documentation requirements